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Who is Dar E Umeed?

The name Dar E Umeed means house of hope.
Our motto: Love, help, hope, care, encourage, support, lift up and safe.

And this is exactly what we want to provide: More than simple education we teach children about their value and how to get along with others and simply just want to provide a space for children to be free of the daily worries the reality of the harsh life on the brick kiln brings.

Our Curriculum

Dar E Umeed – House of Hope is a christian led initiative to bring basic education to christian and muslim children living on a brick kiln in the outskirts of Lahore. We not only teach them Urdu, English and Math, but according to our capabilities provide them with stationary, snacks and clothing. We sing and play with them and teach them good manners. All in order for them to be prepared for life outside of the very isolated brick kiln.

Our goal is to give these children hope and skills to rise above their current circumstances and provide a better future in the long run through education. Find out more about life on the Brick Kiln and why these children need your support here.

Successes & Needs

Over the course of the last three years the students of Dar E Umeed have not only achieved basic skills in reading, writing and math, but their parents have also reported that the children listen more to their parents now and seem genuinely happy. The students are looking forward to classes each day, where they get to learn, play and make new friends.

As our school has grown to have more than 50 students a day, we run out of space to teach them. Family Muneer has graciously allowed us to teach their and the other children in their court yard and one of their rooms. But we need a bigger building and especially a roof over the head of our students. The heat and rainy season pose a real challenge for teachers and students to be able continue studying all year through.

Our Teachers

Our Teachers are at the heart of our work and the most valubal members of Dar E Umeed. They are a group of young christian students in their twenties who are working for a small commission, tirelessly, donating their free time. Fending for the future of our students. Without them this would not be possible. Whether it is 50 degree Celsius or heavy rainy season – they give their best effort for the future of these children. Please help us nurture this project. Only through your donations can we continue to bring free education to the children who need it most.