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About Us​

We are a team of local Pakistanees and Swiss internationals.
The founder of the School, Umair, has experienced the harsh reality of rural pakistani school life in his own child hood.
Having married and now living in Switzerland he wanted to create an opportunity to give back.  His two brothers on the other hand – Shiny and Zubair – are located in Lahore and keep a tight relationship with the local community and are making sure everything on the ground works well.

Our Mission

Dar E Umeed – House of Hope, is a christian led initiative to bring basic education to christian and muslim children living on a brick kiln in the outskirts of Lahore.
Our goal is to give these children hope and skills to rise above their current circumstances and provide a better future in the long run. Find out more about life on the Brick Kiln and why these children need your support here.

Our Team

This is our core team working locally and internationally to bring education to those who need it most. Together we are organizing the funds, check-in with the teachers and are making sure the donations are used at the right place in the right time. Please help us nurture this project. Only through your donations can we continue this project.






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