Soon you can donate here.

As we are in the process of becoming an association, there is no option to donate online yet.
If it is in your heart to support us you can reach out to us. And we will gladly provide you with the banking information.


Most frequent questions and answers

Dar E Umeed – House of Hope is our full name for the school and stand for one and the same thing. House of Hope being the translation from Urdu to English.
We use the English name in our domain, as it is easy to remember for some people.

We use a widely trusted open source Plug-In for our Website called Give WP.
It ensures that the transactions on the website are transferred safely.

With your donation you enable us to provide snacks, stationary, salaries for teachers, clothes for the children and fuel and repair costs for our tuk tuk’s and motorcycles which are very much needed in order to reach our students. Education for one student per year comes down to around 250 CHF per child.

Scroll and see the chart below.

Right now we are in the process of becoming an association. Unfortunately this means that your donations are not tax deductible at the current state of our charity organization.

In theory Pakistan does have a public school system which is free for every citizen of the age group 5 to 16 years.
The problem however is often that these schools are not accessible for the poorest among the population. They can either not afford the transportation cost to and from school or sometimes the families are so poor that the children need to work as well. No parent enjoys this, but the existential dread is an unfortunate reality. 

Currently Dar E Umeed is not officially recruiting teachers.

The working conditions are tough and we depend on staff which is willing to commit long term and forge real connections with our school children. If you however have a strong conviction in your heart to join our group or have any  other idea in which you could help then feel free to reach out to us. We are open for inputs which can change the life of our students for the better long term.

Thank you so much for your interest willingness to support our school! If you’d like to contribute, through any other way than donations you can always help us by sharing our cause with others. Whether it’d be on social media or just in between friends. 

If you have any ideas which could help Dar E Umeed: Feel free to message us directly.

The worth of your donations

250 CHF

Education for one student for one entire year. Incl. all expenses connected to it.

100 CHF

Compensation of one teacher for one month

150 CHF

Monthly repair expenses for tuk tuk and motorcycles

120 CHF

This covers one month of fuel expenses.

35 CHF

One week worth of snacks  for over 50+ students.

20 CHF

Stationary for 10 children in one month