Nambikkai - House of Hope plans to become a self-supporting (self-sustaining) ministry through purchasing and cultivating farmland. A spice farm was purchased in Idukki which produces cardamom, coffee, black pepper etc. The profit that the farm makes in the future can hopefully support the following projects. 1. Job opportunities for the unemployed 2. Education 3. Training 4. Micro-Finance 5. Development Assistance 6. Woman empowerment 7. Enable children to go to school 8. Literature and Knowledge
Nambikkai is a Self-supportive Project
A Non-Profit Making Organisation
Nambikkai - House of Hope is a non-profit making organisation committed to bring hope to the underprivileged, downtrodden and unreached people in Southern India. Our vision is to see the people set free from their social, economic and spiritual bondages such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, caste discrimination etc. We are a tax deductible association which is registered in Switzerland.
The following aims are important to us
- to improve the situation of poor and disadvantaged people - to support people in need regardless of their religious, social or cultural background - the long-term support of social projects - to ensure sustainability of projects - success through taking personal initiative - the promotion of  local ownership - motivation to creativity - no control or paternalism
Idukki District, Kerala, India
Our focus is mainly on the Dalits (Untouchables) and migrants who are an oppressed and ill-treated community in Idukki. Many of these people are working in the tea plantations or other spice estates. They work too hard and are paid less than 4 dollars a day. Dalits are considered to be the lowest class of people in Indian society. According to Hinduism, they are born to be enslaved by other castes. The word Dalit means broken and crushed. In Indian society they are treated like animals in some cases worse than animals. Many of these Dalit children have no access to education and many are trapped as bonded child labour. Due to unemployment in the neighbouring states, may people come to Idukki as migrants looking for jobs.
Nambikkai – House of Hope works mainly in the state of Kerala, in the region of Idukki in South India. Idukki is known as one of the most backward and poor districts in Kerala. Idukki is also known for its natural beauty and plantations of tea, coffee and cardamom etc.
Project Manager and Founders Simone und Ruban
Project Manager Rubin Samuel
Administrator Benson Raju
Development Manager Satheesh
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Development Manager David Tirupur
Head of Sewing Center Mercy