Plans for the Future Agriculture House of Hope is farming 5 acres of agricultural land. The profit generated through the cultivation and sale of spices, fruits and milk will be used to finance social projects. These projects create more job opportunities. So the income of several local families is secured and helps to improve their living conditions. Project – Micro-Finance House of Hope enables individuals and groups through the provision of microcredit to start their own small businesses. The loans are granted on fair terms and must be repaid in a period of time. This project promotes the initiative of local people and is a self help project. Training of community development workers House of Hope trains local people as community development workers to improve the living condition of underprivileged people in their needy areas, economically, physically, emotionally, spiritually etc. Orphanage House of Hope plans to open an orphanage that will provide a home for orphans and underprivileged. This home will create better living conditions for the students in all aspects of their lives. Empowering Women House of Hope provides training in tailoring and computer education for marginalized women and widows. This training will enable them to find a job or start their own business and to be self-sustaining. In the area of International understanding English Language House of Hope wants the lowest stratum of society, especially young people, to learn English at no charge. The ability to speak English substantially increases the chances to find a well-paid job and thus improve the living conditions in the long term. Project - Library / Café House of Hope provides young students access to literature by opening a library, and so students have a better education. The library also has an integrated Bistro, creating a meeting place for students from all social classes. Cultural Exchange House of Hope brings stakeholders (teachers, agricultural experts, medical professionals) from Switzerland into contact with local people to build bridges between the different cultures.
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